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Robust, floating solar parks


Floating Solar has developed a unique technique which seals plastic tubes and transforms them into floats. A construction of plastic and coated steel is installed onto these plastic tubes and solar panels can be placed within this construction. Our solar systems have been created in a way that allows for a number of catamarans to be connected to one another. Between the catamarans, connecting components have been added which have the ability to hinge. Each construction is fine-tuned to fit the respective body of water it has been installed upon.


Our innovative Optimal Solar Tracking Technology enables our solar islands to follow the course of the sun. The solar islands have the capacity to rotate continually as a consequence of their round shape and the winching system that attaches them onto the aquatic surface. During the night, the islands rotate backwards. The energy consumption which takes place during this process is minimal and overshadowed by the amount of sustainable energy that is ultimately generated. This unique technology distinguishes Floating Solar’s islands from other floating solar parks.

Ecologically Responsible

A number of factors contribute to the sustainable character of Floating Solar’s islands. Our implemented materials meet the highest standards when it comes to the release of substances into the water. Furthermore, each and every chosen construction material is reusable. Moreover, the robust construction of our systems enables them to survive extreme types of weather which adds significantly to the life-span of individual components and systems as a whole. Additionally, the contamination of our panels is reduced since they are built at a relatively less steep angle. This prevents wildlife from nestling upon the panels and increases our panels’ self-cleansing capacity.


Optimal Solar Tracking

Optimal Solar Tracking is a distinctive form of technology with smart software which enables our solar islands to move concurrently with the sun. This technology optimally anticipates the position of the sun, shadow formation and weather conditions.


Weather Risk Management

Our solar power plants consist of vigorous constructions that have been tested against extreme weather conditions. Through these tests we have gained insights into effective construction, materials and adaptability techniques. These insights express themselves in our Weather Risk Management System.


Ecologically Responsible

Our islands are built upon translucent, floating structures. Since these open structures only account for approximately 18% of direct area coverage, they have a minimal impact on the environment within which they are placed. The round shape of the islands allows for many open spaces to exist between islands. These open spaces can potentially function as habitats for wildlife, such as birds.



Since our islands follow the movement of the sun, our solar panels receive an optimal amount of sunlight. Furthermore, the open structure of our islands provides a cooling effect which enables more efficient use. As a result, our solar power plants yield between 20-30% more sustainable energy than the average static solar power plant.

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