Our Projects


Project Slufter Maasvlakte (Pilot)

This is a pilot island. It is floating and dynamic (appx. 30m diameter). This pilot island was built in 2017. Floating Solar worked together with three different suppliers of solar systems to realize this trial on an in-shore basin with brackish water. Our system was able to resist severe weather conditions (strong winds and waves). The trial was completed in July 2020 after which the island was removed.


Project Evides Rotterdam (Dynamic water)

This dynamic island was built upon a buffer basin of a drinking water company and has a diameter of over 100m. It’s installed capacity consists of over 1MWp. The installation was commissioned in 2020.


Project Evides Rotterdam (Land)

This land-bound solar field has a capacity of appx. 0,6 MWp and was (amongst other reasons) created alongside dynamic water systems as a means to compare the two . This system was also commissioned in 2020.


Project PWN Hoofddorp (Static water)

This static, floating solar power plant was created on a body of water in the area of a pumping station. Its capacity is appx. 2,7 MWp. This installation was commissioned in May 2021.


Project PWN Andijk (Dynamic water)

Dynamic islands of appx. 140m diameter are being realised on the buffer basin of PWN Andijk. The islands have an installed capacity of appx. 1,5 MWp per island and amount to a total of 4,5 MWp.

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