Peter Kleintunte

Sustainable Project Finance at ASN Bank Attended the Energieswitch010event in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is transitioning from fossil fuelled towards a new, renewable energy infrastructure. City council has a long-term vision as evidenced by its desire to develop the H2-economy (e.g. Deltalinqs H-Vision). In the mean time tangible steps being taken at this very moment. For example Floating Solar Nederland have teamed up with Evides to install PV in 2020, and electrification of city council’s fleet of waste trucks has started. Further focus is on increased energy efficiency in the urban areas, and through hashtag#VVE010 action is taken to educate home owners associations about the potential of investing in renewable energy. Recycling/upcycling of waste streams is another hot topic, and Erasmus Sustainability Hub / Erasmus Food Lab has identified various start-ups that are monetising food waste. City council shared that more than 70% of Rotterdammers view the energy transition as an opportunity for sustainable innovation, value creation and job growth. Let’s hashtag#MakeItHappen.