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Floating Solar
Why floating solar?
Our offer

What we can do for you as a company,
organisation or municipality.

Floating Solar is your partner in achieving your sustainable and financial goals.
We do this by providing the following services:

  • Responsibility of the whole process of application, installation, monitoring to maintenance.
  • Handling of SDE+ request
  • Guiding financial process regarding funding and operations
  • Maintenance and monitoring of the solar island
  • Monitoring and reporting of sustainable production
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Floating solar is unique in floating solar panels
Optimal Solar Tracking (OST)
By means of the Optimal Solar Tracking (OST) technical functionality, the Floating Solar islands can guarantee to generate extra electricity production.
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Weather Risk Management
Heavy winds and high waves. The Floating Solar island has to endure it all, at times. This is possible through the WRM functionality. Because of this function the positioning of the island adjusts in such a way that the waves and wind have minimal impact on the island and the panels.
More about Weather Risk Management
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