Our solutions can be delivered as separate services or as complete turnkey projects.
Our offer
Complete solution from start to finish

As a result of the Paris Agreement, the participating countries will
transfer to renewable energy. We are the ideal way to enable this.
You have the water location, we have the island.

We deliver this service in cooperation with our preferred partners.

What can we deliver?
  • Optimal revenue
  • SDE + Request
  • Location investigation
  • Fully taken care of
  • Feasibility calculation
  • Installation services
  • Optimal Solar Tracking (OST)
  • Weather Risk Management (WRM)
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Floating Solar turn-key solution
Optimal revenue

By means of the Optimal Solar Tracking Technologies (OST) the floating solar Island can deliver more efficiency.

Static solar islands are only facing the sun optimally for a limited part of the day. In the summer, solar panels on roofs can reach temp of 65 degrees Celsius.

There is efficiency loss due to the intensive heat. For water positioned systems the opposite seems to be true. The ideal production temperature is 25 degrees. This gives a cooling effect and allows the panels to deliver more energy.

Location investigation
In close cooperation we will look at the best location, in terms of connecting into the electricity net. We are also taking into account the other water activities.
Fully taken care of

You have the water location, we have the island.

We process your wishes and objectives into the solar island. Not only within the system itself, but also flexibility in financing possibilities and the maintenance model. Do you need more information about how we can help you? Send us an e-mail and you will receive our response as soon as possible.

Indication yield
Based on the location exploration you receive a proposal for your Floating Solar island. In addition we give an indication of the revenue and an indication of the investment.
SDE+ Request
The process of applying for the SDE + funding requires a secure approach and experience with all process steps. Our experience with this process promotes the success rate of the application. This is entirely in the hands of Floating Solar.
Weather Risk Management

Waves of 1.5 meters altitude, wind force 12; These are weather conditions that occur in the Netherlands.

The Floating Solar island is designed for these circumstances. This is possible because of of the WRM functionality. Just as well as the island rotates with the position of the sun, the island can also adapt to bad weather conditions to limit the damaging effect of the wind and waves.

more about weather risk management
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