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Why floating Solar?

This is the main question, why solar
panels on water and not just on a roof?

In follow up of the Paris Agreement, the participating countries
agreed to transfer to renewable energy. We also support this
change. You have the water location, we have the solar island to
generate renewable energy.

What can we deliver?
  • Optimal revenue
  • Weather Risk Management
  • SDE + Request
  • Funding opportunities
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What makes our product so special?

Since the floating construction is designed and produced by experienced nautical engineers, our island will balance on the water in all situations by an optimal design.

Not only floating is an advantage. Because the panels are positioned on water they can deliver a further 14% more efficiency. This is due to the cooling effect of the water which enables less heat loss. This also in combination with the reflection of the radiation on the water surface which creates extra efficiency.

By means of winches the island can rotate in line with the position of the sun. Optimal Solar Tracking is the invention and patent of Floating Solar.
Because of the technique of tilting, the panels are continuously focusing on the right altitude of the sun. In this way the optimum energy production from the morning until the evening sun is possible.
Optimal Solar Tracking
The system that ensures that the panels are facing the sun all day long. This garentees optimal energy generation throughout the whole day.
More electricity production
All these characteristics make it possible for the Floating Solar power plants to generate more electricity production, than static land stations that do not turn and tilt.
How much can I generate additionally?
Are you curious how much energy you can generate and with what size of Floating Solar Island?
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